Community Engagement


Connecting with and engaging our community has been part of AfroSolo’s DNA since its beginning.  Since our beginning, we have invited non-profit service organizations to distribute pass out information about their services to our attends to help educate our community on available services.  

Beginning in 2018 we partnered with the non-profit community-based organization Mentoring Men's Movement to teach men returning from jails or prison life skills through the arts. We are assisting them in writing stories about their life experiences. The goal is to take these stories from the page to the stage. Due to the many barriers that these men face, it has not been an easy take.  The men have come with many personal issues that cloud their paths.  In space of this, victories are won every day. 


In addition, we have produced festivals based on themes relevant to African Americans, such as racism, civil rights, peace, and health.  Furthering our interest in the community, from 2006 and 2015 we organized a yearly health fair that attracted up to 1500 people each year.  These health fairs were presented in collaboration with San Francisco’s MoMagic Back to School Celebration.


In 2014 we began an initiative entitled:  The Audacity to Succeed: Young Black Men and Boys Soaring to Success.  The goal of this initiative is to assist this population successfully transcend youth into adulthood.

The Audacity to Succeed had three components:

The Audacity to Succeed: Young Black Men and Boys Soaring to Success conferences where we bring elder black men together with young black men and boys to teach, mentor and support them in the areas for education, employment, financial responsibility and business enterprise skills.

 2. An anthology- Lighting The Path: Letter from Black Men to Young Black Men and Boys.  This will be a collection of letters providing information, resources and personal experiences to assist our youth move towards success.

3. Keys to Surviving A Police Stop: STOP. SHOW. CONTROL -  a guide towards surviving a Police Stop.


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