We Love and Need Your Support...
The 2019  "Friends of AfroSolo" Seasonal Giving Goal:  $25K for 25 years of service and support.
A quarter of a century, can you believe it. We hardly can. 
Thanks to the tireless efforts and vision of our Artistic Director, Thomas Simpson we're proud to say we have prevailed. 
This is our 25th-year here at AfroSolo Theatre Company bringing you, our community, rich and impactful African-American created and inspired programming.
Supporters like you, who continuously go that extra mile by donating directly to our "Friends of AfroSolo" fund are the blood and lifeline of this program.
In addition to your event participation, please consider becoming a "Friend of AfroSolo" by donating or increasing your donation today. 
$25+ for 25 years of dedicated service is a great way to start.  However, we graciously appreciate all donation amounts.  
As a reminder our Goal this season is to raise "$25K for our 25 years of service". 
And if you are looking for a place to donate your time, please consider volunteering behind the scenes or at one of our upcoming event. 
You can reach us at AfroSoloSF@gmail.com. 
Thank you, it really does take a village and we are ever so grateful to have you as part of our family.
Thomas Simpson, Artistic Director
All support helps ensure AfroSolo will be here to benefit our community for the next 25+ years.